Wednesday, February 25, 2009

3 Word Wednesday & 55 Flash Fiction Friday

The prompts this week for 3WW were Callous, Persistent, and Interfere. Again I am writing my story in 55 words so I can use it for 55FFF.

She’s interfering in my life. My callous remarks yesterday should’ve stopped her bitching, but she doesn’t hear me. I have a job, dancing. My boss thinks I’m 18, but …….not for two more years.
She’s so persistent, wanting me back at school…….boring! She wants me to be a banker, to be a failure like her.

Heads or Tails - Case -2/24/09

The prompt for this week's Heads or Tails was Case. I chose Tails (any word that rhymes with Case).

The Vase.....

My Mother loves flowers. She has a green thumb. Something was always growing in our yard. From the time I can remember I would bring her flowers from the yard. Because she often had cut flowers in the house, usually sitting on the kitchen table, I knew she loved having them inside where she could see them. As I got older I noticed she used the same vase each time. It was a delicate green vase with swirls of gold on it. As time passed the little green vase became too small for the larger bouquets I brought to her.

One Saturday, many years later, I fetched her flowers and as she was putting them in water I ask her about the green vase. She said the vase had been her mother’s and when I began to bring her flowers she asked her mother if she could have the vase as it was the perfect size for my little flowers.

She went to the cabinet and brought out the green vase with gold swirls and gave it to me. She said, "I thought you would think about it one day I have been keeping it safe for you". The vase was mine for about ten years until my daughter claimed it. Just a few weeks ago, I saw the simply green vase with gold swirls looking gorgeous holding three red roses with the stems cut short. It was sitting on her coffee table. I mentioned her flowers and she said, "I love cut flowers in my house just like you and Mamaw".

The old green vase with the gold swirls has served us well and brought much joy. And I hope it continues to for many years.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

3 Word Wednesday & 55 Flash Fiction Friday

Another week and another combination of 3WW and 55FFF. The prompts for 3WW were Candid, Impulse and Risk.

I believed, loved him.
Saying he’d treasure them.
On an impulse I assumed the risk.
And let him make the candid images of me he desired before leaving for Afghanistan.
He had the only copy.
Now I know he never loved me, because he posted those intimate pictures online.
And gave his friends the website.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Scribblings - Sports - 2/15/09

When I saw the prompt for this week, my mind when in a couple of different directions. And then I decided I would go for something current. Usually I write about my childhood memories, I did have a great story, but I will save it for another time.

There is just one sport for me…. college basketball and one team….. Carolina! When I say Carolina, I mean the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC.

I don’t think I am the usual fan. There are times I can’t even watch the game I am so stressed, I just lay in my bedroom in the dark, praying they will win. Sometimes, I can listen with my head covered with my blanket and if they are up by 20 points or more I can sit in my living room and watch them play.

I am not sure why but I have every TV in the house tuned to the game I guess somehow I feel this helps them in some way. I talk to the players and even to Roy by shouting at the TV.

I love Carolina Tarheel basketball! This year we are doing good, we have had some ups and downs, but it looks like everything is coming together. On Wednesday night we beat Duke at Cameron and I did loved that, but we play them again the last game of the season and I am worried. Always with Duke I worry. After that the ACC tournament, then on to the NCAA with the #1 seed in the East, I hope. The reason I worry is because of this statement……. On any given night when 2 ACC teams meet to play, any ACC team (no matter what their standings) can beat the other team. Over the years I have seen bottom ranked teams win when the odds were almost impossible. It must have something to do with adrenalin.

Info about the picture above: North Carolina's basketball team is introduced during the Late Night With Roy Williams NCAA college basketball scrimmage in Chapel Hill, N.C., Friday, Oct. 24, 2008. Fans got their first chance to see the 2008-2009 Tar Heel basketball team at the event.

Just so you will know, I am able to watch all sports and I do understand them, but I just don’t have the love for them like I do for my beloved Carolina Tarheels.

3 Word Wednesday & 55 Flash Fiction Friday

I am doing a combination again this week with 3WW and 55FFF.
The prompts for 3WW were validate, rabble and disarray. I know I am late, but like I always say......better late than never.

Looking at the disarray around her, her mother passed out on the couch, the rabble always on the corner. She wants out.

She will show him what he doesn’t know. She knows he’ll validate her information, but the test doesn’t lie. Fourteen years without a father, she has found him. Will he take her in?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

3 Word Wednesday & 55 Flash Fiction Friday

The prompts for 3 Word Wednesday are Nerve, Illicit and Crumple. As usual I am combining 3WW and 55 Flash Fiction Friday.....

Seeing her crumpled clothes on the floor made her feel so dirty. He tells her he loves her. She does these illicit acts to please him.

Cuffed, arrested and going downtown she finds out her boyfriend is a pimp.

She must get up her nerve to run, she doesn’t want to be hurt like before.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sunday Scribblings - Regrets - 2/1/09

Regrets….yes I have them.

I first thought about making a list. Then I thought would any good come from making that list? Would it make any one of them change? NO, nothing would be different in my life so why should I take the time to relive things I can not change.

If I could erase my regrets, by making different decisions I am not sure I would. I believe changing even one decision would make my entire life different. Everyone I know thinks making changes in their past would make everything better, but it could do just the opposite.

My life is far from perfect, but I have family, people who love me, a roof over my head, enough food (well perhaps too much food),a great dog, many precious memories with a few regrets. I think I am pretty lucky so far.